1. Will there be any compensation, in case the clothes are lost?
We take utmost care of your garments. There is very less chances of your clothes getting misplaced. If that do happen, we will track your clothes and return back to you with a compensation code (discount coupon/freebies). If we still unable to trace your clothes, an amount equal to 5times of your order value will be refunded to your Bank Account or Washh Account or by Cash.
2. What if the clothes are misplaced?
The safety of your garments is our priority. In our fabric care centre, after the clothes are being inspected, they are grouped in lots with only your clothes. We have state of the art machines which wash, dry and press your clothes as per the particular order requirement.
3. Will woolen clothes be washed?
Of course, we take care of the woolens too.
4. Will there be extra cost for pickup and delivery?
No, there will not be any extra charge. We have free pickup and delivery service.
5. What if delivery time exceeds the given time limit?
Washh team is committed for hassle free delivery within 24 Hrs of Pick up time. Our delivery team contact each customer before each delivery for delivery scheduling.
6. Do you have monthly subscription facility?
Yes, we do have monthly subscription facility. Also our customers can avail many discounts and freebies.
7. What if the clothes weigh less than 1kg?
Less than 1 Kg, not an issue. Still you can avail Washh service at just Rs.99.
8. Do you have customer care?
Yes. You can always call us at our number 7575901444/9864011000 or write to us at We will be happy to assist you.
9. How will our clothes be delivered?
Cleanliness is our utmost priority. Your clothes will be delivered in four-wheelers with dustproof, wrinkle proof and waterproof packaging.
10. What type of water will be used?
We use Borewell water after Iron treatment and filtration
11. What are your service timings?
We work on all week days except public holidays. Our team will be available from 08 AM to 07PM
12. How do I register myself?
Sign Up with Washh App available at Google Playstore or at Launching soon on iOS App Store
13. What if my clothes are heavily stained?
We adapt the best washing process for your garments. But in case of tough stains, you can avail our facility of stain removal.
14. Do you process all kinds of garments?
Yes, except for undergarments, lingerie, shoecare, socks we process all kinds of clothes.
15. How do you accept payment?
Payment has to be made during the pickup or on delivery of the order. You can also pay online at the time of the order placement.
16. How do I avail discounts?
Discounts and offers will be aptly displayed on the website or App. Keep checking your inbox and App Notification from time to time for exciting offers.
17. Do I need to tip the delivery boy?
No, there is no need to tip our delivery boys.
18 .Do you process all kinds of garments?
Yes, except for undergarments, lingerie, shoecare, socks we process all kinds of clothes.
19. What if I am not available at the delivery time?
Our delivery boy will contact you before the scheduled delivery time to confirm your delivery. You can reschedule the time with him if you are not available at the given delivery time.
20. Do you have dry cleaning facility?
No, as off now, we do not have dry cleaning facility. But we are expanding and very soon, incorporating dry cleaning facility too.
21. How to reschedule a missed pickup/delivery?
Please call at 7575901444/9864011000
22. What is the minimum order size?
Our minimum order price is just Rs.99.
23. How do you tackle clothes which bleed out color?
Our quality control managers scrutinize the clothes and separates the clothes that have a tendency to bleed color. They are then washed separately.